Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some of my favorite Interior Design Photos

So I've realized recently that interior design has become somewhat of a passion of mine. Maybe it's in my blood, my dad is an architect, but maybe its because I've just come across so many beautiful pictures. I'd like to post some as a way for me to view them easily as well as to share with others. None of these pictures are mine, but hopefully I'll find a job where i can photograph some beautiful places like these (and maybe live in one *crosses fingers*). I don't remember exactly where I found most of these, but they are almost entirely from blogs I can't pull myself away from.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More for Thesis

There will be 9 images total, but with these four, my grand total at this point comes to 6. I don't have a name yet for this series either.


So these past three months I've been working on my thesis project for college. These are just a couple of images from the series. These scans are pretty bad so once I get a free minute, I'll probably rescan and re-post the images.
The idea behind them is that I'm working with the female silhouette and how it's changed over time and within art. The form of the female body has had to endure a lot of changes in the name of fashion and beauty. I'm not really questioning the idea of beauty though as much as I am investigating, with fabrics, shapes and forms, how clothes can embody the concept of feminine.