Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

So I've been pretty bust the past week and it's only going to get worse. I have a few projects due two weeks from now, but will have very little time to work on them for I am off to Arizona (for my last spring break ever!) to see family. As for my projects, they are for two classes that I was hoping would be a little more relaxing then they have turned out to be. The first is my intro to fibers class in which we have an accumulation project. And because I've been on such a Marie Antoinette kick, I decided I'd felt a powdered wig, mind you I have no idea what I'm doing. As for my other project, I'm in a book making class and will be making a long book out of origami cranes. I'll proved pictures at some point. As soon as I get back from spring break, I have to have prints done of the first series I posted on here for a print fair at the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art). So much to do!


  1. i love sofia coppolas marie antoinette - not much story line but so, so pretty xx

  2. Haha, I completely agree. I think she probably covered my favorite color palette but where was the beheading?